Thursday, February 27, 2014

Clay exfoliating facial mask By Tarte Review

Ohhhhh My gosh Ladies & Gentlemen!
I am in love with this Mask By Tarte It's Called the
 "Double detox Amazonian clay exfoliating facial mask" I love all sorts of Mask's 
So I thought Id try this especially since I love anything and everything that doesn't contain chemicals. 

This 5 Star Review Mask Replenishes and purifies your skin,When I did the mask I had white heads on my Nose and I know this is going to sound Gross but it sucked them all out,I was amazed when i saw this. This mask literally sucks out anything out of your pores and cleanses them,It exfoliates,It takes away any dead skin cells and Also give you a natural Glow. 

Your skin feels and looks amazing,When you do a before and after you can tell the difference your face will come out very clear and clean! It definitely gives you a healthy looking appearance. Take note I have extremely Dry & flaky,Sensitive skin so I am very careful with what I apply on my face and this mask was wonderful! So Im sure everyone will be ok Using it!

 You will use the Mask once a Week,And a little goes long way. Also a Tip,When you are ready to use this I recommend using it once you are out of the shower or get a damp towel with hot (not too hot) water and place it on your face so that the hot damp towel will open up your pores that way the mask gets really into your pores,and when you are done wash your face with cold water to close up your pores again. 

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