Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My First iPsy (December Bag) Review

I recently Subscribed to iPsy!

 iPsy is a monthly Makeup bag subscription Created by Michelle Phan
 (If you dont know who Michelle Phan is,She is a YouTube Beauty Guru who created Makeup and fashion videos,She now has over 1 million subscribers) 

Now Each month, iPsy subscribers will receive a beautiful Glam Bag with deluxe samples and full-sized beauty products,All for only $10 a month.
I was like WOW really? just $10 a month,Many of my coworkers had already been signed up and I saw they're posts on Instagram about iPsy,I fell in love with the idea.
So I thought why not try it! what Girl doesn't love receiving goodies in the mail especially MAKEUP!

 I instantly fell in LOVE with the packaging HOT PINK!! 
Here is what I received & my thoughts on the products:
So as you can see,The bag this month was Black,Very cute it was red in the inside as well.
This is a Mirabella Brush blender,I have never heard of this brand nor have tried they're brushes,I am a big fan of blending brushes because they are a MUST for me I use it every single day,So when I saw this I was Really EXCITED,I opened it and I kid you not,The brush was soft as a baby's new born butt! Felt really good to use. I highly recommend this brand.(Excellent pick iPsy ;])
I also received a J.Cat Beauty Lip pencil in the color Red,At first I was like this is a big "lip pencil" but then I tried it on & the color was perfect,It was something I would of Bought myself.It doesn't dry out and its perfect to have in your purse,Its more like a lipstick but in a pencil form,I really like this product.
A pair of Salon Perfect lashes came as well,I have never tried this brand but when I saw them they looked very flexible & natural looking,Wich is perfect if you do a winged eyeliner and a red lip!

 Be a Bombshell:"The one Stick" Is a BLUSH! 
These are usually a Cream Blush,I got a light pink one,I have never owned one of these before and I tried it on and I applied it onto my cheeks,it went on as a cream but it dries off as a powder,I thought this was pretty awesome,Any skin type can use this,And because it is a cream blush it means it usually stays on for a very long time so whether you have oily or dry skin it will stay on.
 Last but not least This Pop Beauty Eyeshadow Quad came in white,gray & black.My first thought was this looks kinda cheap to be honest,I Opened it and swatched it on my hand and its not that pigmented as I suspected,This is the only product I really didn't love but def doesn't mean I wont use it,I will use it and possibly spray my brush with Fix plus & see if the color sticks on more.

My final thoughts: I fell in love with this monthly subscription,It's only $10 a month you get 5 items in the mail,it always comes in a cute bag,I honestly love the fact that I get to explore different products and try new thing's especially brands Ive never heard of before,And when you Sign up it also quizzes you and sends you your bag every month according to your style,I really love that,Because everyone is different.It is free to sign up,I love Ipsy and I know you will too!