Monday, February 20, 2012

Neutrogena PINK Wave Sonic

Neutrogena PINK  Wave Sonic
I bought this a couple of weeks ago,It Claims to Give u Soft skin after just one use,
I tought yeah okay!
Any and every product claim to do many thing's and dont happen,BUT! 
This product Does not lie to you! I was excited to use this as soon as i got 
it and after i cleaned my face with this,I was Amazed on how softer my skin got,
it gives u baby butt soft skin! Really it does! Haha!
(Getting soft skin is not my main concern since i already have soft skin i
 never had problems having acne or any problems like that,I do however have
 whitehead's that is my problem and so i got this to try and get rid of them And
 i also use pore strips to get rid of them and i love them,they really pull everything out,
GROSS right haha)
 They also Carry many different refill foaming pad's.
This product take's off all the dead skin cells,U get Baby soft Skin,and there
 are many other benefits to having and using it.

You Can Also use it in the shower which i love,and it Vibrates so it exfoliates deeper
 into your skin.Your Skin will look & feel amazing after u use this.
You wont regret giving this product a Try.You will be happy with the result's !
I got my Neutrogena Wave Sonic on Drugstore.Com For $11.75 And u can go
 to to get a coupon for the website as well. (ilovesavings)
Thanks For reading!

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