Monday, September 19, 2011

Mama Mio

Hey Everyone!
Have you Heard of
     'Mama Mio Products' ???
 If you have then you probably have or is expecting a child!
Mama Mio is Skin Care Line For During & After your Pregnancy
They have Amazing Product's
I am Currently Using  

I have been using this since I was Two months Pregnant
I searched for the best Cream's And I also Heard about this product from
A Youtube Guru As well
& I know this product works too because i started getting stretch marks
on the side of my hips before i got the product So i couldnt wait to get my hands on it!
And ever since ive been using the tummy Rub i have not gotten ANY stretch marks at all!
And the other way i know it works too is because i am using two products,i am using the
Tummy rub especially for my Tummy And i am using Cocoa Butter for my tighs,
Now ever since ive been using the tummy rub i have none like i said and im still 
getting stretchmarks on my tighs because i use cocoa butter wich doesnt work! 
Now Mama Mio  Has more Products for other parts of your body but i really cant 
afford that Since i can bearly Afford the Tummy Rub wich is $35 & i Get it 
on Amazon With Free Shipping But its Totally worth it,I am now at the end 
of my second bottle!
I also Love this Product because it Smells So GOOD! compared to other Creams &
lotions wich i really disliked! & It also worsk because of the very high levels of Omega 3, 6 and 9
,It is not sticky AT all Either this product is perfect!!
Other Celebrities have used this Tummy Rub as well as other products that they have
& Mama Mio has been featured in Many Magazines.
If you know Someone who is pregnant or if your pregnant Try this product! You wont Regret it!
They Have Sets As well This one comes with 
Check The Website out!