Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Top Favorite Product's

Gel Liner is The only Eyeliner Method I Use. I left the Pencil once I Found out about the Gel Liner,And The liquid Eye liner Always reacts Really bad as soon as it has contact with my skin,I think I'm allergic to it! 
(You can purchase any of these Gel Liners Anywhere,Drugstore's,Walmart,Target,Make up Counters They Are About 5-10 Dollars)

The Gel Liner is Easier to Use & it Allows you to Achieve Straight lines & can accomplish doing Really Fine & detailed Line's
& What i like about the Gel liner is that it is very Smooth! 
The kind of Brush I use Looks Like this,It is Bend for a purpose,It make's it Easier to Apply on your Eyeliner
Or You can Use one That looks Like this,They're Both Great!
This is My All time Favorite Lipstick-It's By MAC
Myth is What it is Called,Its a Very Very Nude Color,Kim Kardashian Use's this lipstick alot too

& of course The pink! I love love Love the pink
I dont have any picture's of me wearing them tough! i need to take some so I can show you guys!

& I Havent Found A foundation for me yet,I got the wrong color and I couldn't Return it so For now i am Using Elf's Cosmetic's Tinted Moisturizer,It Has great Benefit's to it,Tinted moisturizer is not Foundation FYI,It is Similar to it,Its Basically Just Moisturizer And Tinted Color in it,And Also most Foundation's don't Have Vitamins nor anything good for you at all sometime's,The Elf Tinted moisturizer has SPF which protects your face And that is VERY important,Has vitamins and Aloe Vera..Those are all Good combination's For your Face.And Your not Gonna believe it but it is 3 Dollars! Seriously a good Buy! You can go to Elf's Tinted Mousturizer Page or You can Go to target They Have them.
Cover Girl's Concealer is My Favorite! It is Used to cover your under circles &  to cover blemished skin.
Concealer Make's you look Alive! I like this concealer Because it  Contains ginseng, vitamin E + chamomile & Noncomedogenic (won't clog pores).Very Good for the Skin too.
(This is not Me FYI)
I am using this as an example,You can see the difference when you apply concealer on!
This is My Pink And leopard Palette I Got it at forever 21 for about 6 Dollars and i was looking for something like this for  a while since i have an 88 Eyeshadow palette and i only use The Brown One's,When i Found this i was very happy!

It has all the color's i used and the eyeshadow is very pigmented too which i Love!
I carry it with me too :]

I wanna know What Your Favorite Product's Are!