Thursday, November 10, 2011

Elf Concealer

                                                              Elf Concealer & High Lighter
                                                        I have Mine in "Light" & only $3 Dollars
I Just LOVE this concealer!!
 It's The best one I have Used So far,I Love using it!
 It last All day too,You might wanna put on a bit of powder so it wont 
Crease but other than that it's
a Great Product & for only $3 Dollars!
(Please Excuse how horrible i look)
These Are My Under Eyes,Notice how Dark they are!
(After My Pregnancy Im gonna find a remedy to get rid of them)
If you notice i have applied the concealer but i have not blended yet 
& Can u notice the difference already!
 Here is my Right eye Blended,Its my left eye on the Picture tough obviously..
Anyways,As u can see how good it concealed my eye and made me look
more awake & Alive..
Vs My other eye I look tired,It just not a pretty situation! 
And i Usually apply more concealer,but i just wanted to show u an
example and share,Because i just love it!! And The concealer is included 
with a highligher so thats even better! I apply it on the top of my cheek bone,
Elf Products are Really
Amazing and for a Good price,everyone Can afford it!

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