Thursday, November 17, 2011

Quick Tip:Cold Water & Pore's

Smooth Skin is what we all Desire,Right!?
I have been Rinsing My Face with Cold Water  for years now and Never
knew that was the Reason why my Skin was So soft and Smooth,
As well as not getting Acne.

The Reason For this is That When you Wash/Rinse your Face with Hot water,The Hot Water open's up your pore's And Your chances of getting dirt in your Skin is very High. Versus The Cold water Closes your pores making it harder for dirt to build up into your pore's.

I Recommend that you Wash your Face with your Favorite Face Wash with Warm Water & After that Rinse your Face with Cold water So that Your pores Will close back up Again.You will notice a difference when you Start doing this. People always ask me what do I do To have Smooth Skin & all I do is rinse My face with Cold water.

(After your done Washing/Rinsing your Face,Don't forget to Apply Moisturizer,It is VERY important that you apply some kind of lotion or moisturizer on your face that has SPF,Moisturizer's keeps your Face Healthy,I Use Garnier Skin Re-New & Anti- Age Moisturizer & This Moisturizer Helps Reduce The appearance of dark Spot's in your face and Even's out your Skin Tone)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Elf Concealer

                                                              Elf Concealer & High Lighter
                                                        I have Mine in "Light" & only $3 Dollars
I Just LOVE this concealer!!
 It's The best one I have Used So far,I Love using it!
 It last All day too,You might wanna put on a bit of powder so it wont 
Crease but other than that it's
a Great Product & for only $3 Dollars!
(Please Excuse how horrible i look)
These Are My Under Eyes,Notice how Dark they are!
(After My Pregnancy Im gonna find a remedy to get rid of them)
If you notice i have applied the concealer but i have not blended yet 
& Can u notice the difference already!
 Here is my Right eye Blended,Its my left eye on the Picture tough obviously..
Anyways,As u can see how good it concealed my eye and made me look
more awake & Alive..
Vs My other eye I look tired,It just not a pretty situation! 
And i Usually apply more concealer,but i just wanted to show u an
example and share,Because i just love it!! And The concealer is included 
with a highligher so thats even better! I apply it on the top of my cheek bone,
Elf Products are Really
Amazing and for a Good price,everyone Can afford it!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Karina's Safari Baby Shower

             Of Course I had to have Everything Animal Print and Safari Inspired,I am obsessed with it!
                 Besides i like to be different & everything I have or Do has some kind of Animal Print
                                    Plain Blue & plain Pink Is too Plain & boring,It's not me! Haha
My Mother In Law Made This Diaper Cake For me
(We Bought the Fabric At Beverly's And Ribbon From Micheals,As well as the little animals on there)
 Ballons! (Got them on Amazon)
 Cupcakes From Jovi's Delight
(Local Bakery,The Best Cakes ever!)

 Center Pieces!
  King of The Jungle Plate's
(Got Online)

 My Baby's Name Jude
     The Book of Jude in the Bible
    Meaning:Praise & Thanks
   (And I don't know anyone who's baby name is Jude,I love it!)
  Custom  Home Made Sash
   (Got everything at beverlys And Turquoise Ribbon From Micheals)
Thanks To everyone Who made this Day happen! 
Especially to My mother in Law,Whom I love So much,I am very blessed to have her in my life!
Jude Will be her First Grandchild <3