Wednesday, October 26, 2011

SinFul Colors: Proffesional Nail Polish

These are the Best Nail polishes out of all the ones I have!
There Was a Sale going on At Walgreen's a while Back and I got these For $1 Dollar
They Are Cheap & Good Quality Nail Polish
I want to get this Whole collection of Pink's,aren't They Gorgeous?! 
I Currently Have A yellow Color Called "Unicorn" & Another that is  Peachy Named "Hazard"
(I do not own this picture,Got it from Google)
This Yellow Color is Called "unicorn"
This is what it looks like,I love it because its very bold! And Matte!
 (I do not own this picture,Got it from Google)
& this peachy color is named "Hazard"
Very beautiful Color's
& The reason Why I like them so much is because
They dont Chip,They last a very long time!
Ive had Mine for Almost a week and they Still Look GOOD!