Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sami Quilted Handbag-Handbag Heaven

It's Vintage,It's Classy,Has a Hint of Rock N Roll Which I love,Fit's my personality!
Ive Been in Search For a New Purse for a Long while,The last one I had was when I got it as a gift on my birthday In December! Ahh Time for a new purse right!

I first Heard And Saw this Purse From Sonia (My Favorite You Tube Guru)
She Did a Video Review & even Did a Give away of this purse
I checked out the Website,Saved my money For it,because i Fell in love with it,It was everything i was Looking for! 
 Love The Chain! 
 I was expecting it to be A small Purse but it's Just the perfect size,It's Not small And its not too BIG!
 It Also has a small Zipper in the back So you can store Your keys or anything Small you'd like to put in! 
& like i Mentioned it is Vintage inspired as well,it has two like button Clutch,Very Cute!
Animal Print Inspired! Which is a plus for me! i love Animal Print. It has So much room its unbelievable I can put so many things in there even my big bulky Makeup Bag HaHaHa! & it also Has 2 Side Pockets and on the other another Zipped Up Pocket! 
Im Glad a chain came with it! if not then I'd probably add one myself! HaHa!
      At the Park!
Beautiful ducks,I love Animals! I fed them crackers! HaHaHa!
There Are more Ducks & bigger ducks in the middle! its like They're little Island lol
To Purchase This Gorgeous Purse You can Go to Handbag Heaven It Also Comes in 3 other Color's,It comes in Red (love the red),Purple & White. The price is $54.95,The original retail Price is $68.99 Which You Will Save money & not only that but they have an Additional 15% Off The Whole website & Takes out Almost $9 Dollars Plus free shipping on orders of $50 Or more (There are reviews So you can read them & find out more about the purse),So your getting an Awsome Deal,&They also have other purses so you can Browse :]
Thank You For Reading,
Until Next time Mis Muñecas!


  1. Hey, are you still using this bag? How has it held up? I'm looking to purchase this bag. Thanks!!

    1. Ive Had it for a year now and its still in perfect condition,No tears or anything,Its Just a tiny bit heavy When u put ur things in though but I would Recommend this bag,Its gorgeous and very big in the inside :]