Monday, August 22, 2011

Macaroni & Cheese W/Tomatoe Sauce Casserole

You Will Need elbow Macaroni
 Boil the Pasta for about 15 Minutes
Drain all the water out 
& you will Need a Pan like this any size & pour the Macaroni in there.
Chop up Onion (Of Your Choice,I prefer Red onion) Very Small & Mix in the Macaroni 
(Add Garlic Salt & pepper)
Add Tomatoe Sauce & Mix it all together
After you mix the sauce in really good you will Mix in Shredded  Cheese
                                   After everything is Mixed in Add Tomatoe Sauce to the top
 And Add Cheese to the Top of the Casserole as well
You can also Add Olives to the top but i prefer not too
Bake in the oven At 300 Degrees For 15 Minutes 
 Let it Cool off for a couple of minutes
& Serve
You Can Add Sour Cream or Parmesan Cheese
Which ever one you like better!
(You can eat it By it's Self or Use it as a Side dish)
Hope you Enjoy this Easy Casserole dish,It's Very Delicious! 


  1. this looks so good, it's making me hungry!! i know what i'm having for dinner tomorrow! Lol ;)

    [] xx
    [] xx

  2. that is cute!