Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How To Properly Clean/Wash Your Bra's!

Victoria Secrets' Model Heidi Klum In her Forties,Looking Sexy & Gorgeous!
This Post Will be about how to Properly Clean & Wash your,Bra's!
Under Garment's Need to be handled With Care
Because They are Made of different material's
Have You ever wondered Why your bra's were getting ruined so quick? 
Why The padding was getting Damaged so Easily?
Why They don't last as long as they should?
Yes,Its The Washer,That has been eating away our delicate items!
The Washer is great for our clothing except our undergarments (Bra's)
The Washing Machine is too powerful for them.
                   Now if You must Wash them in the Washer (Put them in a Seperate & Safe Washing Bag)
& what REALLY damages them is the DRYER! 
The HEAT! And im Sure you know what im talking about now.
The Dryer is a NO! NO! AND NO!
!AVOID the Dryer!
The Key to Keeping Your Bra's Clean Is to Hand Wash Them
Wash them in a clean Sink With Warm Water & Detergent of your Choice & Hand Wash Them
 You Can Hand Wash them while your in a shower (Which is the easiest)
Your Bra's Will be Clean! 
 After Wards Air Dry them And hang them up!
Now it is up to you To wash them however you'd like but i highly Recommend doing it this way because That way They are being properly handled,You dont have to worry about them being torn or Beaten up in the washer or dryer,I Know Many Girls Who have ruined Their Bra's by Washing/Drying them.I also know Because i have had that Experience & the best way is to hand Wash them Ladies!
 I also Learned That Victoria Secret Recommends you Hand Wash them As well ! & not only that but you will Save your money Because You wont have to keep buying new ones all the time! Instead of tossing them because u cant wear them anymore,start this technique and you'll see the difference & you'll Want to buy more of them & You'll Start A collection of Bra's in your Drawer,And what kind of girls doesnt Want that,A wide variety of Choices! 
Goodbye Angels!


  1. Hey nice idea ! :) I a going to start doing that.

  2. amazing tip!!