Friday, July 1, 2011

DIY Makeup Remover

Kandee Johnson Had made a video on how to do it yourself;Makeup Remover,
Since I ran out of my Mary Kay Makeup Remover,plus makeup Remover's are pricey!
So i decided to Try it! Plus its ALL Natural!
You will need Virgin oil,Witch Hazel (You Can purchase this at any drugstore,I got mine at rite-aid for $4.99) And you will need a Empty Container( I recommend getting a pink one or something not clear,You'll See Haha)
She Mentioned To put Half And Half on there but That she liked putting more witch hazel,Which was what i did also.I already Put in all the Extra virgin Oil.
Then Mix in the Witch Hazel 

She Also Mentioned all The
Witch Hazel  Benefits
  • Restore's The PH Balance to your Skin
  • Soften's The Skin
  • Great on Sensitive Skin
  • Prevent's Razor  Burns
  • Deep Pore Cleansing 
  • Minimize Large Pore's
Amazing That This product Contains all these Good things!
Oh and i read that its Also Good for Acne!
 Look how Cool this looks after i mixed it all in Together
& this is What it looks like when its Settled!
 When Your Ready to Use it,Shake it up!
 Spray on a Soft Cotton Pad Not like me on Toilet paper HAHA!

& To give u an example i put BLACK eyeliner on my hand To Show You How Good it is!
As You can see it took it off completely!
                         Took it All right off!
Ive Been Using this To remove My Face Make Up And it is Awsome
It Leaves My Skin SO Soft and Removes Everything! leaving my skin Nice And Clean!
When using this Make Sure you  Don't let it get into your eyes
This DIY Makeup Remover is Equally or i might Say Even better than any other Makeup remover i have Used...
It Has So Many Benefits to it And i Made it for less Than 6 Dollars!And Will Last me For a Very Long time!
Here is Kandee Video,Watch it,She will Make you Smile!
Until next Time Beautys!