Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday&Face Wash

                                           Wednesday-My favorite Day of the week ! 
On this post I want to share What Face Wash I use & Maybe you Can Get this too :]
And part of the Reason I Got this Face Wash was because I Read That Kim Kardashian Uses this 
and it is her favorite Face Wash And Also Because I could never find anything to clean my face with so i tought I'd Try it! And I Do not wash my face with anything at all because i have extremely 
sensitive Skin I only rinse my face with Cold water,Cold Water Closes your pore's making it harder
for dirt to get in and it keeps My Skin Soft,Now Everyone is different u might need A face wash 
every day but i only use this a couple times a week And My Face has not broken out at all using this & everything i have used has really been bad....

                         St.Ives! is What i Use!
& Of course like i Said i have extremely Sensitive Skin So i Use the Sensitive Skin St.Ives.
                This is how much i Use For my whole Face...
It looks Like Alot but it's Just the right Amount.. & It  feels Sandy haha As u can see it looks like Sand! You know your Skin is getting Cleaned when you use this,It Exfoliates And Softens!

And there Are Many different Kind's Of St.Ives For Your Skin TYPE
My opinion is That This is the best Face Wash i have tried I don't break out or get an allergic Reaction,This Face wash leave's My Skin So SOFT and refreshing...

Try It out and let me know what you think.. 
I want to know your opinion's
& If you know of any other product I can Try let me know!

                                                                 Thank you For Reading!

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