Monday, May 2, 2011

Victoria's Secret Pro FX Lip & Balm

Hello Beautiful Angels!
I Have been using Victoria Secret's Pro FX Lip & balm

I dont have anything bad to say about it,It's a Must have,And  i think everyone should have this in they're Makeup Collection!
On Top is the Lip Balm and on the bottom is the Lip scrubber.
 Scrubber Has Sugar in it! YUM!
This product is Awsome,I notice when i apply my lipstick it doesnt look smooth as it should look and that is because i had dead skin on my lip's (gross i know right,) and no one wants that! 
 This  leave's your Lip's looking & feeling Soft!
I recommend doing this before u apply lipstick,Once all the dead skin is off,
The lipstick will go on so smooth and will look 10X's better!
The benefits of having the Victoria Secret PRO FX Lip & Balm:
  • It Scrub's off all the dead skin from your Lip's
  • It Exfoliates your Lip's  
  • It's Gentle 
  • Smells And Tastes Delicious Haha
  • Leave's your Lip's So Soft and clean
& I love how it come's with The Lip Balm on top too,Easy Access! 
You Apply this after you Scrub your Lip's &  Once you apply this you will get a tingly feeling on your Lip's (That's When you know you dont have anymore Dead skin on your Lip's)
It can Also fit in your purse,You can take it anywhere.
This is what the packaging looks like and you can purchase the Victoria Secret Pro FX Lip & balm at Victoria's Secret Only. It is $14,And totally Worth it.

 This is Exactly what it says on the back of the product as well: 
"To ensure a perfect pout, our pros always prep lips with this sugar scrub and moisture- rich balm before applying color. Gently massage the scrub onto lips for 30 seconds, then tissue off. Finish with a light layer of balm. Lips are left feeling soft, supple and ready for camera-worthy color. Domestic"

 If you cannot Afford it you can make it at home,You will Need:
  •   1/2 tsp Of Olive Oil 
  •   1 tsp of Sugar (Any kind)
  •   Apply & scrub your Lips Then,wipe off
  •   Apply Chapstick
Any comments or toughts?
Let me know
Until Next time Angels!

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  1. WOW, I WANT TO TRY!!! and THE PACKAGING IS SOOOO CUTE!!! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment:)