Thursday, May 26, 2011


Alot of people ask me How & what I use to cut my hair,I use to cut hair in high school and still do sometimes,I cut my hair at least once a week To keep it maintained and keep it looking Choppy...
My inspiration is From 80's hair metal I love everything about the music and the style..
I love Mötley Crue,One of my favorite band's, <3 Nikki
And here below is my most recent Picture of my hair
This is how my hair is,Very Choppy everywhere!!
what i do is i grab a section and start chopping going down with the blade or scissors
Part of having choppy and layered hair is not being afraid of Cutting it yourself the end result will come out Awsome!! ive been cutting my own hair for Many many years! 

This was when i was 16 years old.
Back then i used regular scissors with any KIND i can get my hands on
I Still use them,I use some that look exactly like this,I got some at a Chinese store for  $6.99
And this is what Hair Stylist use to chop hair too.
I have a black one similar to this,I don't use it much tough,It works really good and i got it at a dollar store for of course $1.00
This is what i Use for my hair out of all them!
It is my favorite tool,I have this in my bathroom,one in my purse and in my makeup Section! 
Just in case im gonna need it haha
There is 3 of them and you can purchase these at a Dollar Store or Walmart,They're really cheap and They cut Good!
If your afraid to cut it yourself i suggest watching some you tube videos and watch some to learn how to cut your hair or go to your Local hair salon and print out a picture of the hair or layer's You want...
-By the Way I'm not claiming i have the best hair cut,I am not a hair stylist either,I am sharing this because i get Alot of people who compliment my hair style and always ask me how i cut my hair.If your confident enough to cut your hair do it but if your not go to a Hair Salon.
Here is a Video of someone (not me) who cuts her hair VERY similar to mine On You Tube.
Thanks For reading!
Until next time!

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