Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How to REMOVE Black/white Heads

This is exactly what i do to remove Junk off of my nose! 
[NO this is NOT my nose,Just an example]
 This really does work for me,So i thought id share this with you.
First step: Make sure your face is clean
Second Step:Apply Black head cleansing mask
 [This one is the one i use]
When u apply this on your nose let it DRY until it is completely DRY
 This helps to loosen up the black heads in your nose so when u apply the pore strip it could cling on to it better making it easier for it to come out[ in my opinion plus it works]
And after the mask has dry'ed off,Wash it off with WARM water until it is completely clean.
Third Step:Apply one of these cleansing pore strips onto your nose Make sure ur nose is wet with warm water,It say's to do so on the box so the pore strip can grasp onto your nose.
These are the ones i use,You can purchase them Anywhere,Walmart,Target,Drug stores
[They run from 6-8 dollars]
Now that u applied the pore strip on your nose let it dry until it is completely HARD
After you remove the strip you should see a bunch of black/white heads,You will see a difference! your nose will look and feel clean and on the strip you will see everything that was in your tiny little pores!
[for the first time u might not see alot but when u constantly keep doing it more and more come out]
 After that is the Fifth Step:Wash your face with warm water
Sixth Step:Once your done washing/rinsing your face apply moisturizer on your face.
[Freshen's your face and moisturize's]

And after that you are all done and should have a clean nose!
[There are also pore strips for other parts of the face and u can do the same steps]
Hopefully you enjoyed reading 
Please comment let me know what u think and if u have any questions!!
until Next time,

P.S i might be making a video on how i do this step by step! I will post it on my blog if or when i do!

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