Thursday, April 28, 2011

Eye Lash Curler & Mascara

I have a hard time finding a good mascara,My eyelashes are so stubborn!
i have to use  A Good mascara & A Good Eye lash curler.
I Use the Shiseido Eye las curler and i Am in love with it,This is the only curler that curls my eyelashes,since mine go straight down,Nothing else worked for me,Most of the other eye lash curlers are made out of plastic BUT the Shiseido is made with Rubber wich is better!
The Shiseido Is $19.99,But trust me it is worth it.
You Can purchase this at MAC ,Sephora, Or Urban Decay.
 You can also buy individual Refills.
This is what they look like and the Refills are $5.00
Now to the Mascara,This is the Lo'real Voluminous,I get mine in Carbon Black.
I have to say This is my Favorite mascara,It is the best one i have ever tried so far!
It is not Clumpy and they separate your lashes Really good,They dont get stuck together!
They give you Full Volume as well!
You Can find this mascara at any drug store,Target Has this mascara for $5.

My Second Favorite Mascara is By Elf (Eyes,Lips,Face)
This mascara is also not clumpy and Also Give's you Full Lashes
You can find this online At Or At Any Target for $1,What a steal right!

Lo'Real Volume Million Lashes,My sister actually Has this mascara and Has told me How Great it is,And i did try it and i have to say it is one of the best mascara's, it Made my eyelashes Super Long And Made them look Very Natural Looking!
You can also purchase this mascara at any drug store or Walmart, Target For $7
These are the Top 3 that really Worked for me!
& like i said my eyelashes are very stubborn and it is hard for me to find a mascara,All the other one's that i have tried have been too clumpy, or it has just been horrible!
Hopefully these work as good as they work for me! every one is different, and to add more to your Full and beautiful lashes ...........

Add on Some False lashes to make them Look more Dramatic & Full..Look how sexy these Lashes Are!

Or you can also go for some more natural Looking like these ones!
I Love False Lashe's!

And i am going to post some links on here on how to Apply and Curl your lashes like a pro,By Marlena her name is MakeupGeekTV,And she is a You Tube Guru as well,

Check out her video's,She is a Sweet Heart!

Hope you enjoyed this as much as i did writing it,
Until Next time

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  1. Wow, I just love that L'oreal mascara! It's so amazing!!! Love your blog, I am now following! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)