Thursday, April 28, 2011

Eye Lash Curler & Mascara

I have a hard time finding a good mascara,My eyelashes are so stubborn!
i have to use  A Good mascara & A Good Eye lash curler.
I Use the Shiseido Eye las curler and i Am in love with it,This is the only curler that curls my eyelashes,since mine go straight down,Nothing else worked for me,Most of the other eye lash curlers are made out of plastic BUT the Shiseido is made with Rubber wich is better!
The Shiseido Is $19.99,But trust me it is worth it.
You Can purchase this at MAC ,Sephora, Or Urban Decay.
 You can also buy individual Refills.
This is what they look like and the Refills are $5.00
Now to the Mascara,This is the Lo'real Voluminous,I get mine in Carbon Black.
I have to say This is my Favorite mascara,It is the best one i have ever tried so far!
It is not Clumpy and they separate your lashes Really good,They dont get stuck together!
They give you Full Volume as well!
You Can find this mascara at any drug store,Target Has this mascara for $5.

My Second Favorite Mascara is By Elf (Eyes,Lips,Face)
This mascara is also not clumpy and Also Give's you Full Lashes
You can find this online At Or At Any Target for $1,What a steal right!

Lo'Real Volume Million Lashes,My sister actually Has this mascara and Has told me How Great it is,And i did try it and i have to say it is one of the best mascara's, it Made my eyelashes Super Long And Made them look Very Natural Looking!
You can also purchase this mascara at any drug store or Walmart, Target For $7
These are the Top 3 that really Worked for me!
& like i said my eyelashes are very stubborn and it is hard for me to find a mascara,All the other one's that i have tried have been too clumpy, or it has just been horrible!
Hopefully these work as good as they work for me! every one is different, and to add more to your Full and beautiful lashes ...........

Add on Some False lashes to make them Look more Dramatic & Full..Look how sexy these Lashes Are!

Or you can also go for some more natural Looking like these ones!
I Love False Lashe's!

And i am going to post some links on here on how to Apply and Curl your lashes like a pro,By Marlena her name is MakeupGeekTV,And she is a You Tube Guru as well,

Check out her video's,She is a Sweet Heart!

Hope you enjoyed this as much as i did writing it,
Until Next time

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Top 3 Favorite You Tube Guru's!!

I have 3 Favorite You Tube Guru's
[Just in case you don't know what a you tube guru is,it's a person who Teaches you how to do makeup,Does review's on beauty product's,And they also do Clothing haul's ,ECT. Anything that has to do with beauty]

Anyways these are my Top 3 Favorite girls,I have been subscribed and been watching they're videos for over 2 years now,(gosh makes me sounds like a stalker haha promise i am not!) And i have learned so much from these girls! 
I was never the type of girl to wear make up,i grew up with guy's and my older sister moved out by the time i was 5 years old so i had no female in the house besides my ma,The only thing i would wear was eyeliner & that was IT! until i was 18! i started watching you tube videos and i started learning from these girls!


I have learned SO MUCH from this Girl,She does the most simplest tutorial's,She does a gorgeous smokey eye in less than 5 minute's , and it is easy to do,i went from not knowing how to do my eyeshadow to learning how to do a smokey eye with no problem,i learned how to do most of my smokey eye's and eyeshadow From Sonia & one big thing we also have in common is the 80's clothing style,the side swept shirts ive been wearing shirt like that for years,i love her! and she also has the cutest little son! His name is Jude,i remember when she was pregnant with him and she was doing videos! now he is so big!  

Her You tube User Name is: Sccastaneda & her Blog is: 
This is my favorite video from her


Who cannot love this girl!
She has so much joy! I love her style,she so down to earth,She's a Professional Make up artist,she has worked for Hollywood,Commercial's,Celebrities! You can learn how to do a simple pin-up winged eyeliner from her to some awsome halloween makeup,She can teach you how to transform to a cartoon haha even barbie! she has a video on it too! She is Truly talented! And bring's joy and smile's to whoever watches her!

Her You Tube User name is : KandeeJohnson & She has two blog's here are the links to them : &

I have learned so much fashion out of her! She is amazing with clothes,She is currently going to school to major in Fashion and not only that but she was also in the military serving our country! Major Kudos! i Love how she puts outfits together and shes bold about her fashion! shes not afraid to wear bright colors! haha! and i love how she accessorizes every one of her outfits,Dulce was on of the first Guru's on You Tube that i watched and she taught me how to put outfits together & of course Makeup! And also One big thing i also like about her is that she wears heels with almost every outfit she wears,Im short too so i love wearing heels with everything! I think it's very Classy !

Her You Tube User name is : DulceCandy87 & her Blog is

I hope one Day they will Read this Blog,I have learned so much from these beautiful and Gorgeous Girls! and Hopefully one day i will meet them too!

That's All for this post,I hope you enjoyed it and don't forget to watch they're videos,subscribe to them and Also read they're blogs!

Until Next time,

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How to REMOVE Black/white Heads

This is exactly what i do to remove Junk off of my nose! 
[NO this is NOT my nose,Just an example]
 This really does work for me,So i thought id share this with you.
First step: Make sure your face is clean
Second Step:Apply Black head cleansing mask
 [This one is the one i use]
When u apply this on your nose let it DRY until it is completely DRY
 This helps to loosen up the black heads in your nose so when u apply the pore strip it could cling on to it better making it easier for it to come out[ in my opinion plus it works]
And after the mask has dry'ed off,Wash it off with WARM water until it is completely clean.
Third Step:Apply one of these cleansing pore strips onto your nose Make sure ur nose is wet with warm water,It say's to do so on the box so the pore strip can grasp onto your nose.
These are the ones i use,You can purchase them Anywhere,Walmart,Target,Drug stores
[They run from 6-8 dollars]
Now that u applied the pore strip on your nose let it dry until it is completely HARD
After you remove the strip you should see a bunch of black/white heads,You will see a difference! your nose will look and feel clean and on the strip you will see everything that was in your tiny little pores!
[for the first time u might not see alot but when u constantly keep doing it more and more come out]
 After that is the Fifth Step:Wash your face with warm water
Sixth Step:Once your done washing/rinsing your face apply moisturizer on your face.
[Freshen's your face and moisturize's]

And after that you are all done and should have a clean nose!
[There are also pore strips for other parts of the face and u can do the same steps]
Hopefully you enjoyed reading 
Please comment let me know what u think and if u have any questions!!
until Next time,

P.S i might be making a video on how i do this step by step! I will post it on my blog if or when i do!