Saturday, March 19, 2011

How to make a Rose pin

How to make a rose pin just likee this ↑
 You need one of these,Take the rose off the plastic stick.
                                                      Take one and the next thing u will need
                                         A glue gun & your gonnna have to take the rose &                                                                                Glue it on the bobby pin and let it cool down and you should
                                                               have a rose pin! :]
                                                                       LIKE THIS!!

& wear it on your hair like Betty Paige :]
 I made my own Rose pin cause they would be priced atleast
  more than 5 dollars,so i decided to make my own + it was Fun!
Until Next time,Karina.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Almost every weekend My hubby and i go thrift store shopping
I just love it! 
So this was my saturday in pictures :]
& after i left the triftstore i bought some churros!! 

                                                            Theyre so bomb haha
After we stopped at starbucks, they gave us a free chocolate thing i forgot what they were called all i know is that it was rocky road flavor but this is it haha! 

they said it was cause it was starbucks 40th year! 

Sweet Passion Tazo Tea
  this is what i always get! its so Good and refreshing!

And then we came home (hubby and u can see charlies paw! )
                                                     hes always smelling my face lol

After i went to my sisterss house cause my mom had went over there to make posole
i love my mothers cooking!
And no i have to set my clock FOWARD! NOO we loose an hour of sleep! 
oh well haha im actually bummed out about loosing an hour of sleep but then i am not cause we will get longer days and the sun will be out longer!!

AND this was my saturday! 
Until next time....
Kariiina <3