Friday, February 4, 2011

Spiked-studded heels

Hi everyone,Just wanted to share these unique spiked and studded heels..
I went to Burlington coat factory and i saw a pair of these and i fell in love with them

They are my  style!
They are unique and Sexy.
Not everyone might sport these but i know i will ! 

The pink ones are siiick! theyre very unique! and gotta wear with the right outfit....
Id wear these with some black Jeans or a black dress,It would go good because the pink will stand out.
                                                   The nudes ones are SEXYYY!
Nude pumps are trendy on the red carpet or were haha 

I love how the spikes are going down the heel,Reminds me of a rebel
These are not something u see everyday but i would wear these as if they were my regular shoes!

Welll hope u liked this little post! i did ! im in love with these haha
Let me know what u think about these? and what u would wear them with?
Until next time!

<3 Karinaaa..


  1. Those shoes are insane!! I love them!!


  2. im in love!!! these shoez are to die for!!

  3. Hey where can I buy the top ones??

  4. I'm def. trying to find the top ones too. So fresh

  5. Ride a guy shoes! Spur him on!

    Mike Martlet :-)

  6. whos the designer of those top black studded ones?

  7. Im Not sure WHo the Designer of the heels are but you can purchase these on Ebay or Amazon.

  8. Ruthie Davis Spiked And Studded Heels