Saturday, November 27, 2010

Featheeeer EARRINGs!

Everytime i wear my Feather earrings I get Tons of compliments about them...
I have fallen in love with feather earrings not because of the compliments but because theyre very unique & there are  different ones u can get , i have always liked feathers since i was little &
They remind me of the birds i use to have when i was a little girl too
 These ones that i have are from Aldo as u can see theyre like Zebraaa with a little bit of finch bird in them the little black feather part with white polka dots! :]
These are Siiiick ! ! !

Check this model out lol
This is just too much! but for a dramatic photo shoot! its the perfect accessories :] 
over all, I like all feather earrings big or small <3

You can get feather earrings anywhere,i Like browsing on google or Ebay :]

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