Saturday, November 27, 2010

Featheeeer EARRINGs!

Everytime i wear my Feather earrings I get Tons of compliments about them...
I have fallen in love with feather earrings not because of the compliments but because theyre very unique & there are  different ones u can get , i have always liked feathers since i was little &
They remind me of the birds i use to have when i was a little girl too
 These ones that i have are from Aldo as u can see theyre like Zebraaa with a little bit of finch bird in them the little black feather part with white polka dots! :]
These are Siiiick ! ! !

Check this model out lol
This is just too much! but for a dramatic photo shoot! its the perfect accessories :] 
over all, I like all feather earrings big or small <3

You can get feather earrings anywhere,i Like browsing on google or Ebay :]

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lucifer's Lie's

Snort it,smoke it,shoot it,drink it,Have sex...
Oh ill tell you have fun, i tell you have fun
I manipulate you..
But i wont tell you the consequences..of loosing your soul..
I wont tell you About  Him
WHo Forgives,Cleans you,Loves you & died for you..
Because i want you with me
Believe my lies as you do already and dont open your eyes.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

In The Words of Satan

This BAnd "The Arrows"  is only  with Two Chicks theyre awsome..
This song speaks for itself...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tiny,My precious little Girl..

My Little Girl Tiny passed away..
I remember when my bestfriend and i rescued her...
She was with us for 5 Years,
                          She was always high in energy  & always protected Me..And the Family..
                                                   Her Memories will always be with US
She got raned over in a condo complex and died instantly.
I dont understand why someone would do that to something so innocent,rather than wait a couple minits...

But like my Dad said "God is a God of Justice"
I know and i have peace in my heart that Tiny is in heaven with our Creator <3
Wich is  so much better than this world...and she doesnt have to suffer,I know shes happy..
And she will always be in me and my Family's heart Forever.
We wont ever have a dog like her..
                                                     Her little paws will be missed <3
                                                           She's with Jesus now !

     I just want to add to please have respect for life, Weather its a bird,a squirrel,
We are all Gods Creation and All life Deserves Respect... All animals are a huge part of our livess..

                      "All the animals in the forest are Mine and the cattle on
          thousands of hills. All the wild birds are Mine and all living things in the fields."
                                                  Psalm 50:10, 11